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  • TECU® sheets and strips are available in a bright rolled copper colour as TECU® Classic. TECU® sheets are also produced with a green patina on one side and marketed as TECU® Patina , TECU® strips are available with a layer of brown oxide as TECU® Oxid and in the tinned surface of TECU® Zinn.

    TECU® sheets are now also available in the new copper alloys TECU® Brass and TECU® Bronze for façade cladding solutions.

  • TECU®
    TECU® copper for roofs and façades can be supplied in various surfaces and designs depending on the requirements of the specific application at hand. Copper is long-lasting and easy to process, and its natural surfaces can be combined with many other construction materials.

    • The growing use of rolled copper products in plumbing technology and façade constructions, increasing quality requirements and the development of innovative processing methods place much higher demands on the base material than ever before.

      Systems and interesting combinations with a wide range of other materials make processing extremely easy and offer a larger number of enhanced design options.

  • TECU® Zinn (stagnato grigio opaco)
    TECU® Zinn (matt grey, tinned) is TECU® Classic that has been specially tinned and surface-treated on both sides to create a matt grey surface. The surface continues to develop further over time on exposure to the atmosphere. The result is a warm, matt grey colour which harmonises excellently with other building materials. TECU® Zinn is protected by patent and is available in TECU® strips and in a number of special formats.

    • This material gives architects looking to create a light, grey surface many interesting design possibilities. When using TECU® Zinn they also get all the technical advantages of copper, such as durability and workability in cold temperatures.

  • The firm SAP srl, with its different system meeting any requirement in the field of the realization of aluminium door and window frames, fulfils the many demands of architect, the designer and the user, as for thermal insulation and sound-proofing.

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  • We offer normal or thermo-insulated section bars, which can be anodized to get the following colours: natural, bronze, brown and black, and varnished in any colour.
    The lines we have adopted permit us to offer: wing door and windows frames pivot sliding parts lock up, complete facades verands, partitions, reticular structures.

    • benessere

      The building used for work, sport, commercial and social activities, present many functional and architectural requirements. The many possible utilizations of our aluminium window and door frames make them meet all these requirements; from the very simple frame to a complete facade, including all intermeiate types. SAP srl can realize any design and arhitectural solution.